What exactly is Iamkizer.net? Well honestly its a page about a guy who just happens to be named kizer. Hence I am Kizer . net. Other than thought its nothing more than the ramblings about a guy who has nothing better to do than to ramble.

Ok, seriously now. Back in the day I was offered a free domain September 2000 to be exact and well I took it. For the longest time I just had stupid stuff on it and one day nothing on it. Well I have some stupid stuff again, but I'll add some useful stuff.

I figure instead of bloating up another domain I own I would simply add and modify this one now and then and see where it goes. Be patient I'll get busy on a few things. As well if I don't what have you lost? You found yourself here on your own I hope? Beware you might find me just simply rambling about nothing or just annoyed to hell about everything. I'll spruce things up when I get a chance. Hell its only been 11years?!?!